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Water Well

At the store you will find the essential items for your water well. We sell vermin proof well seals, pitless adapters, fittings, electrical motor wire, poly pipe, pressure gages, pressure switches, valves, and tanks. Ask us about any other well accessories you may require.

Does your tap water need treatment? We also can supply water treatment systems that will remove problem causing iron and sulfur. Adding a water softener with ultra violet light to your house can prevent bacteria from forming in your tap water. Adding sediment and activated carbon filters to the water line is another alternative to treating water for places like cottages.

With Reverse Osmosis systems the highest quality of drinking water can be acheived. Almost all impurities are filtered from the water with a result that is equal to buying a bottle of water. Any odour or appearance issues with the water will be cleared by installing a reverse osmosis system. 

Tired of paying extra fees for your water. Talk to us about drilling a water well on your property and securing this precious resource.

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